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Book two if the Waliens Saga; The Old Gods, has just been published and is available on Kindle or in print form.. This was great fun to write and develops the characters with a little more depth. We’ve dug into Welsh/Celtic Mythology for some of the settings and, hopefull, have come up with a fun read. Readers comments so far have been positive.

As has been previously mentioned the two Drachir books will be out soon and I’m just putting the finishing touches to the third in the Waliens Saga. This book, entitled The Journal of Richard Siwop is a radical change from the style of the other two, but will fill the gap nicely from the end of Old Gods to the beginning of Volume Four, as yet untitled. The Kin books are starting to sell so things are going well for Darren and myself. Watch this space.


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A missed opportunity   1 comment

In late 1970 I created a space faring rogue with a heart of gold; Drachir. Smuggler, gun runner, mercenary, thief but with a heart of gold. I wrote him in the Golden Age style, a style that had made an impression on me in the 50’s reading Astounding Stories, Tales To Astonish and all those wonderful pulp magazines.

The works of Asimov, Silverberg, E.R. Burroughs, Doc Smith and so forth made me want to write, along with Wells, Wyndham, Orwell and many many more.

Drachir will be released during the autumn in two volumes. 15 stories of this lovable but highly complex character. It’s pure escapist nonsense and not very scientific, but I hope people will enjoy them.

I said missed opportunity, well, I never got Drachir published until recently as e-books, but if I could have got him out there before 1977, a certain Mr. Lucas would have had to pay me, as Han Solo is virtually Drachir. Not that I’m complaining as he will be out there. Watch this space.

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Just available, in print and on Kindle (86p – bargain) is a time travel story I edited. Called Time Was…Time Is, it tells the story of a guy from Wales in 1972, finding himself in London in 2972 where he gets involved in a war, falls in love with a beautiful alien woman and tries to get used to travelling in time.

We know very little about Bill Williams (the author), other than he lived in the Cwmbran area and visited his cousin in London regularly in the early 1970s. He disappeared around late 1973 and the story laid out here was delivered to Daric Books in October 2010. It was postmarked London.  Daric asked me to have a look at it and to get it into shape as they thought it might be an interesting read. It’s certainly thought provoking to say the least.

My thoughts? Either this guy has a great imagination, or… well, judge for yourself.

Download it from this link at amazon.co.uk and from here for http://www.amazon.com

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My sci/fi/space opera series Drachir will be availabe soon, both on Kindle and in print form. And the remaining two volumes of Waliens (co-written with Darren Bowker-Powis) are in preparation. Also I have two more stories to try and finish next year. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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Croeso and welcome to my blog.

My new novel, The Harbinger of Doom, has just been published in ebook form and will soon be available in print.

The book is the fifth and final volume of The Chronicles of The Kin saga.

It’s been a long road, but it’s well worth every step of the way to see these books in print (and online) and, more importantly, being enjoyed by my readers.

The story of these books goes back to September 1989 when I sat down with my wife’s old typewriter and began clattering away, trying to get down on paper what had been going through my head. The result was The Return Of The Kin. A few friends read the ms and decided that there should be a follow up, so I sat down and rattled out The Serpent And The Kin, this was followed by Daughters Of The Kin and Defeat Of The Kin. Four full length novels in three years.

After several rejections by all the main publishers; not that they didn’t like the books, they did. They just didn’t want to publish them.

I finally got them published, after a fashion with an e-book publisher, and during that time completed Vol five of the saga. It was during this period that I co-wrote with my colleague Darren Bowker-Powis, Weird Tales From Weird Wales, a spoof newspaper set in a fictional South Wales valleys town. We published it and it sold reasonably well.

We began working on another project Waliens, in 2008 which was completed in 2010. Then we were picked up by an independent publisher called Daric Books and the five Kin books along with Waliens were published from July 2010 to the present, and to finally see my books in actual real form was a joy that’s hard to describe. They now sit proudly on my shelf over the computer.

Darren and I have just completed part 2 of Waliens, called The Old Gods which should be available very soon. We also have parts 3 & 4 to complete before next summer.

It’s been a lot of hard work but the reward of seeing the books in print has been worth it.

Even better is the fact that all the books are now available on Kindle and are starting to generate interest. So…onwards and upwards.

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